About ZARA security

ZARA security is devoted to protect your valuable money
against counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting can seriously harm your business or trust in
your company by customers.

ZARA security has the best money counters with
counterfeiting detection and serial number tracing software available
in the market today.

ZARA security has currently 10 branches in Myanmar, with 30 staff members. There is always a support member, account manager or technical-staff close by to support you.

Our customer base are banks, (big) financial institutions and shop owners, who trust us by our reliability and service as
ZARA security.

Or you call our support office at:
Or create a ticket via our easy to use ticket system.

Julong CO,LTD

ZARA security is the official dealer of Julong currency security: 

Julong is a Leader of supplier on currency security operations and digital management solutions.

Julong CO,LTD is more:

  • Automatic coins processing equipment
  • Bank vault informatization management system
  • Banking business consulting training
  • Big data cloud computing services
  • Police and bank comprehensive convenient service
  • Community banks solution for the financial industry both in China and the rest of the world

Julong CO,LTD is the first enterprise in China to pass through the European Central Bank Tests (ECB) with its own patented products.

The products of Julong has won a number of certifications including:

  • CE
  • FCC
  • ROHS
  • CB
  • CCC
  • CQC

Our solutions

  • Banknote counter without counterfeiting function:

    Banknote counter machines without the function to detect counterfeited currencies. The main function is to count the number of banknotes.

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  • Banknote counters with counterfeiting function:

    The more advanced banknote counting machines have sophisticated detector and image processors to detect counterfeited banknotes.

    Advanced algorithms and hardware makes this type of money counter your reliable partner in fighting counterfeiting.

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  • Safes fire resistant or none fire resistant:

    The safes of Zara security By FALCON protecting your valuables against burglary and fire.

    ZARA security By FALCON  offers two types, the mechanical and the electronic operated.

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